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Ms. Charmaine Yan 

Ms. Charmaine Yan has been appointed as the World Peace Ambassador in Canada which associated with the Global Peace World Tracts since 2021. She got great recognition as Women Leadership in 2021 for Asia. At present, she is the senior researcher of anti-aging for wellness & nutrition science with health, heritable human genome editing DNA. She is a learner in STEM-CELL Technologies in Canada & Wyss Institute from Harvard, Boston USA for DNA Nanotechnology. She is the member of Royal Society of Chemistry & Chemistry World since at 2020, also is old member of House of Roosevelt. At this stage, she finds herself so passionate to discover more about the DNA Repair for human's bodies. At previous months, she has been completed her studies for CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology at 2021 in Harvard Medical School. At this moment, she continues to do her professional learning in Sanford for Genome & MSc Digital Business in University of Salford. In additions of her studies, she also completed her certifications in MIT & University of Cambridge for innovative technologies such as Big Data, AI, Digital Transformation for differ entrepreneurs to maintain Sustainable Goals, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, AWS, Google Cloud. Upcoming she will supplies more health products with her brand BIOGENAGE, which related DNA repair supplements & health tech products with eCommerce & eMarketing to promote. At meantime, she enjoys to explore more about the green technologies for Climate Change, Chemistry 4.0, Bio Revolution & Global Sustainability Communication. She believes the innovative mindset could change, improve our human's life moreover can upgrade our standard of living. Giving her strategies, passions & peace to this world is her mission & goal.

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